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Some Rodent Facts

  • Rodents, primarily rats and mice, are a public health threat. They are known to carry diseases - most notably hantavirus.
  • Rodents can transmit these diseases by contaminating our food supply. They can also damage structures through their gnawing or chewing. Rats can chew through wood, aluminum, cement and sheet rock.
  • Rodents can gnaw through plumbing pipes to gain access to water - rats must drink water on a daily basis or obtain water through their food source.
  • Rats usually have a preference for certain foods, but are provided with numerous food sources by humans
  • Rats are most active shortly after sunset and before dawn. Rats and mice have vision that is adapted for nighttime. They are color blind, but can differentiate between various shades.
  • They have hairs on their body that are attached to sensory nerves that help them to sense their environment. Hearing is well-developed enabling rodents to hear in sonic and ultrasonic ranges.

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