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Common Pest Control Terms

Does your exterminator confuse you? Would you like to expand you pest knowledge? We have compiled a list of common pest control terms to better assist you, weather it be finding a pest, or understanding your pest management professional.You can access the full list of pest control definitions here. Here is a small sample.

Abdomen - The posterior or hindmost region.¹

Adult - The fully grown, sexually active mature arthropod.¹

Antennae - The paired, segmented feerlike sensory organs located on the head above the mouth.¹

Functional Worker - In termites, workers who are either male or female and not sterile.¹

Hair - A slender flexible filament of equal diameter throughout, commonly used for seta/setae; (by definition, only found on mammals.)¹

Insect Growth Regulator (IRG) - A substance which affects the insect’s developmental cycle and disrupts its life cycle.¹

¹These definitions were obtained in the glossary of “NPCA Field Guide to Structural Pests” by Eric H. Smith and Richard C. Whitman.

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