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Rats, Mice and Cockroaches Near Your Peanut Butter? |
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Rats, Mice and Cockroaches Near Your Peanut Butter?

“I never ate the peanut butter, and I wouldn’t allow my kids to eat it.”

- James Griffin, Cook, Georgia Plant

Recently, there has been a peanut butter salmonella scare with the peanut industry. There has been a federal criminal investigation against the Peanut Corporation of America. Sanitation at the plant was very poor. Three employees were interviewed and none of them had anything good to say.

“Whenever it rained back in the (peanut) butter part, it was like it was raining inside. It was coming in through the roof and the vents, but that didn’t stop them from making the paste.”

- Jones, Sanitation Department

This recently closed plant only makes up for 3% of the peanuts and peanut butter in the United States. Major brands were not affected by this. This salmonella scare has made over 500 people sick and took the lives of eight.

The FDA inspections showed multiple infractions over the years with easy entryways for pests and rodents. cockroaches and rodents.

The Peanut Corporation of America operated out of Georgia and Texas. The government found that the Texas plant was operating without a food manufacturing licenses, and has never been inspected by the FDA.

President Obama was dissapointed by the FDA because of how long it took them to find the problem.

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