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New York City Bed Bug Infestation, Up 34%

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

The largest city in America has always been fighting one of the hardest pest control battles to win, Bed Bugs. New York City has about 8.2 million residents. NYC has always been known as one of the most infested Bed Bug cities in the country. Since “311,” the cities telephone information line was implemented, it assists many residents in help regarding almost anything. The city has reported that since 2008, Bed Bugs calls have increased nearly 34%.

Not all exterminators know how to spot and treat bedbugs, and critics say the city doesn’t do enough to stop infected mattresses from being reused. Some victims may be too embarrassed to seek help, and some small landlords may not be able to afford a competent exterminator, advocates say.

-NY Daily News

If you live in New York City and think you have Bed Bugs, please use our zip code search on the top left of our webpage. Sometimes Bed Bug inspections are free and if you want to find more information on Bed Bugs please proceded to our Bed Bug page.

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