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Dont Fall For Digital Pest Repellers

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Everyone has probably seen the commercials or infomercials on Digital Pest Repellents or similar items, such at “Riddex Plus.” Please be away of what these products are. These products are nothing more then a scam. Back in 2003, a investigation was done on electromagnetic (EM) and ultrasonic pest control products. A company named Global, was the Federal Trade Commissions main target.

Global marketed their products like such.

  • their electromagnetic pest control products repel, drive away, or eliminate mice, rats, and cockroaches from homes and other buildings in two to four weeks, and drive them away by sending a pulsating signal throughout or altering the field around the electrical wiring inside homes and other buildings; and that they act as an effective alternative to, or eliminate the need for, chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, exterminators, and pest control services;
  • their combination electromagnetic/ultrasonic pest control devices effectively repel, control, or eliminate mice, rats, cockroaches, rodents, insects, spiders, silverfish, and bats from homes and other buildings, and upset nesting sites of mice, rats, and cockroaches within walls, ceilings, and floors by using the products’ pulse or electromagnetic technology through the household wiring;
  • their ultrasonic pest control devices effectively repel, drive away, or eliminate mice, rats, bats, crickets, spiders, and other insects from homes, and eliminate the need for toxic chemicals, poisons, or traps; and
  • their pest control products are effective within an area ranging from up to 800 square feet or up to 2,000 feet, depending on the model.

Taken from FTC.gov

This is what the FTC investigated. After some time the investigation reveled that none of these products have been tested to any effect. No lab testing, or specefic evdience proves that these products work.

The FTC agreed that this company may still operate under certain conditions. No longer are they allowed t market their product as “extermianting” bugs. They say in their advertsiments that they “drive away” bugs.

The fact fo the matter is that these products are a gimmic, the FTC investigated them, and the out come is on the way they market it. So dont expect to use Riddex to take care of a bed bug, rodent or any other pest infestation.

If you would like more information on the FTC investigation please click here.

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