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FDA Investigating Peanut Co. of America’s Texas Plant for Salmonella

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

You may have read our previous article about the Salmonella outbreak in the United States. It initially was linked to Peanut Corporation of America’s plant in Blakely, Georgia. The Food and Drug Administration(FDA) said that the plant located in Plainview, Texas will be investigated for possible sources of Salmonella. Peanut Corp. release a press release regarding the closing. This plant was operating without a food manufacturing license and was never inspected by the FDA, since they have opened. On February 15th, Peanut Corp filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. All of their products they have ever produced have been recalled by the FDA.

Peanut Corp. has released a press release about the recall for all of their products and their bankruptcy.

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