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Questions: How to get rid of Bed Bugs for good? |
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Visitor Email

Here at Intelligent Pest Solutions we like to keep visitors informed. We are going to start posting questions that people ask us.

Today Maria asked…”Bed Bugs…how do we elliminate them for good?

We Responded:

“Hello Maria,

Bed Bugs are very hard to eliminate. In nearly all cases a pest management company must treat for them. Even with a pest control company, several treatments are necessary. We have wrote several posts regarding bed bugs at our website.
If you would be kind enough to let me know what city you live in I can provide you with a reputable pest company. Most likely these companies offer a free inspection to make sure you do, in fact have bed bugs, and they would explain how that would go upon treating them.
If you have any further questions please email us and dont forget to let us know what city you live in so we can find you a pest control company to solve your Bed Bug problem.
Thanks for contacting us,
Brian H.”
Thanks Maria for your question. If you have any please shoot us a email!

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